Creating plein air and studio oil paintings of the Sonoma Coast's seascapes and landscapes has been an incredible journey for me. I find inspiration in the ever-changing natural beauty of the region and strive to capture it authentically on canvas. Whether painting en plein air along the coast or refining my work in the studio, my goal is to convey the timeless allure, serenity and ever changing moods that define this picturesque part of the world.  Garrapata ShadowsCypress by the BayQuiet StrengthSinging Along the Sea-BeachRocky BreakRocky ReceptionCan You Hear It?DashedEpic Day at the BeachMoment of ImpactMaking a SplashDistant ArchwayBarrel WaveReaching, Peaking, CrashingCarried AwayDouble FeatureTurning PointA Special ViewWet ToesSymphony of ColorEdge LightBetween The TreesBroken ReflectionsRoad to the CabinDaydreamColeman Valley RoadFertile FieldsFence Line