Katy has always been interested in painting and drawing, beginning as a teenager in high school who’s mother finally allowed her to quit struggling to learn French and take art classes. Unfortunately, her rational left-brain took over in college and motivated her to make a reliable income and not risk pursuing art. From her twenties to fifties, she was a career businesswomen and mother, leaving behind any aspirations to paint or draw. Then her youngest daughter went off to college, she started to paint in earnest, taking up pastel painting and continuing her work in oil she had begun in her teens.

Katy’s expedition of self-art discovery has begun with demos, workshops, reading and constant practice. She has attended workshops held by Clark Mitchell, Kim Lordier and Barbara Jaenicke. She has studied demos by Liz Hayward Sullivan and Richard McKinley and read the critical basic manuals of composition by Edgar Payne and John F. Carson. She is a member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast and the California Art Club.

Katy’s goal when painting landscapes is to capture the emotion felt when looking at a scene, to illustrate its essence, atmosphere and mystery. When painting with pastel, the color is held in your fingertips so you have the utmost control of expression to capture the spirit of a place. This intimate medium is an allegory for her relationship with the landscape she is attempting to recreate.

When setting up and painting a still-life, Katy tries to evoke serenity and simplicity in her imagery by capturing the human shape of a pear, the complex refractions of glass or the slivers of light reflected from a silver bowl. “The spiritual value of an ordinary scene can be powerful. Our lives are revealed by these moments. I seek them when I paint.”Katy is invigorated by the journey that she has begun and recognized that there is much time and practice ahead of her.