Katy Boggs  OPA, PSA

“I am my truest self when I paint: introverted, introspective and interconnected. I am willfully alone, thinking with every fiber of my being about the paint, interconnected with the natural world around me. I try to express quietude and harmony in my paintings, an increasingly difficult goal in today’s world. That’s why you will not see extremely strong contrast, arbitrary brush strokes or intensely strong color in my paintings, that is not what I wish to feel or want others to feel when they view my work. I want to create and to feel repose.”  Katy  

Katy’s goal when painting landscapes is to capture the emotion felt when looking at a scene, to illustrate its essence, atmosphere and mystery. For still-life and floral paintings, Katy tries to evoke serenity and simplicity in her imagery by capturing the human shape of a pear, the radiant reflections of glass and silver or the elegant movement of floral leaves and petals.

When painting with pastel, the color is held by the artists fingertips so there is the utmost control of expression to capture the spirit of a place. This intimate medium is an allegory for Katy’s relationship with the landscape she is attempting to recreate.

Katy has been able to resurrect her life-long interest in painting now that her main responsibilities of career and child-rearing have come to fruition. Her self-guided art education has begun with demos, workshops, reading and constant practice. Invigorated by the journey that she has begun, Katy recognizes that there is much study and experience ahead!

Follow her adventure on Instagram @katycboggs

PSA 35th International Exhibition "Trickle”, 2021
PSWC Members Only Online Show "A Closer Look", 2021
PSA Enduring Brilliance "A Closer Look", 2020
PSWC Members Only Online Show "Echoing Ripples", 2020
IAPS Thirty-Fifth Juried Exhibition "Mosaic", 2019

Cohesion, Exhibit in Perpetuity, Twin Pines Art Center ~ Belmont, CA, 2021
Women & Strength, Twin Pines Art Center ~ Belmont, CA, 2019
Fruition: Harvesting Imagination, Gallery 9 ~ Los Altos , CA, 2018
Small Works Juried Show, Graton Gallery ~ Graton, CA, 2017
Juried Special Guest Exhibit, Graton Gallery ~ Graton, CA, 2017

OPA-Member Artist (Juried)
CAC-Associate Artist
PSA-Member Artist (Juried)
PSWC-Member Artist 
WCA-Member Artist

In oil paint: Noah Buchanan, Jane Hunt, Kathleen Dunphy, Michael Klein, Justin Woods, Carlos Russo, Devin Cecil-Wishing and Kathleen Speranza 
In soft pastel: Richard McKinley, Kim Lordier, Barbara Jaenicke, Liz Hayward Sullivan and Clark Mitchell

BS in Design ~ University of Wisconsin ~ 1984